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"Fatimah nangis teruk & tidur dengan selimut awak hingga ke harini," - Coretan Buat Allahyarham Adamdidam Pujaan Hati Anak Saudara

Baru-baru ini, kita dikejutkan dengan pemergian chef selebriti, Muhammad Adam bin Mahamed Ismail atau dikenali sebagai Adamdiam. Berita kesedihan ini dirasai oleh pengikutnya yang gemar melihat tutorial masakannya di laman Instagram. Lebih sayu, kehilangan Adamdidam memberi kesan kepada anak saudaranya iaitu Fatimah London yang juga merupakan kanak-kanak viral. Menurut sumber, Adamdidam meninggal dunia akibat jangkitan paru-paru.

Di Instagram thefamily.uk, mereka sekeluarga meluahkan rasa sedih dan berterima kasih kepada netizen yang menghadiahkan al-Fatihah kepada arwah.

Terima kasih Allah atas pinjaman-Mu yang terlalu istimewa buat kami

Mereka masih bersedih dan sangat rindukan awak!

#DearMamajee @adamdidam Remember this PRICELESS MOMENT? Well, today, we’re celebrating Eid ul-Adha here in the UK! But, Fatimah and Ali are still feeling down after you, Dadajee and Dadijee left. 😢 . As you know, they’re feeling sad and miss you all so much! Fatimah still sleeps with Dadijee’s blanket so that she can smell her at night! And, Ali still wakes up in the morning hoping that all of you will magically appear in front of him! I guess you can imagine their gloomy mood right now. They’re not in the mood for any photos or videos! 😔 . But don’t worry! We know just how to cheer them up! Mrs Mom and Mr Dad have a special surprise planned for them! Hopefully, this will bring back the smiles on their faces! So you don’t have to worry yourself! They do miss all of you very much and pray every day that you will be back soon, but they will be fine! We have just one request: please come back soon…I mean, VERY soon! . From your ‘FAVOURITE’ nephew, 😉 Omar Mukhtar #thepawsomelion ( On behalf of #FatimahandAli ) . p/s: Eid ul-Adha Mubarak from Birmingham with ♥️ #thefamilydotuk © . #throwback #MamajeeAndTheKids
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#DearMamajee @adamdidam It’s been a week since you left for Malaysia. Fatimah cried until the evening that day and her eyes were all swollen. She’s still sad and misses you a lot! She’s mostly fine during the day, but at bedtime, she misses sleeping with you and still sleeps with your blanket until now! 😭 . As for me, I’m doing well! The SATs are finally over - yay! - and that means no more revising, no more back-breaking tasks and much more relaxation! InshaAllah, I will pass the test. Please continue to pray for me! . And Ali? Well, you know him, cooking up mischief and never failing to crack a joke and drop in some RANDOMNESS! Even though he pretends to be cool about you leaving, he never fails to check your room each morning, hoping that you magically appeared back! . We are all waiting for you to come back. It’s not the same without you! 😢 Missing you, Omar Mukhtar @thepawsomelion (on behalf of Fatimah & Ali) #MamajeeAndTheKids ©
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